cm-bearCold Molds are revolutionary tools that make it easy to produce professional quality ice cream cakes, ice cream pops, ice cream tartufos, and more. Cold Molds are specially designed for use with ice cream, sorbet, juice fillings, or any other frozen filling. Our molds are manufactured using pure silicon rubber, and are specially designed to cure "soft" so that removing frozen cakes or popsicles is exceptionally easy!

Our molds are practically indestructible. As long as you don't cut or puncture them, you will find that they last forever. Long after you've tossed away those old metal molds that will dent, tarnish, break, etc, your Cold Molds will still look like new.

We know that if you give our molds a try, they will work for you. We are interested in your success and we will help you to increase your profits!

One of the major benefits to producing cakes and novelties in your store is that you will be able to keep your employees profitably busy during your slow times. Our molds provide a neat and professional presentation. Best of all, they make novelties easy to produce. Even your "least enthusiastic" employee should be able to turn out high quality novelties and cakes with our systems.