Not sure if Cold Molds are for you?

Why not TRY Before You BUY?

We’re so certain that once you try Cold Molds, you’ll love Cold Molds, that we’re willing to let you try them FREE.

Here’s the deal: Download our order sheet, order up to three different molds (no more than one of each size), include your credit card info, and fax or email it to us. Make certain to write “30 Day Free Trial” at the top of the order sheet, and we’ll ship out your molds on trial, without charging your credit card.

Use the molds as many times as you like. If you’re not 100% convinced that they are the best product for making ice cream cakes or novelties, just ship them back to us within 30 days, and we’ll shred your order info without charging your card.

If we don’t hear from you, we’ll charge your card at the end of thirty days.

The only restrictions are that you must contact us within 30 days to tell us that you’re returning the molds, and the molds you return must be in good condition — if you cut, puncture, or otherwise damage them, they can’t be returned, and we’ll have to charge your card. Absolutely no refunds will be made if you haven’t contacted us within the 30 day period. Note that the 30 day period starts on the day we ship your molds, and the date we consider the end of the trial period will be clearly marked on your order form.

In the unlikely event you do need to contact us to return your molds, please make sure to tell us that you’re on our “Free Trial” program, as your order won’t be in our system yet, and we’ll be scratching our heads trying to find it!

Note that this trial offer is good for three molds only, and only ONE mold of each size. Offer does not apply to bags, sticks, DVDs, or other accessories. And, unfortunately, due to international shipping costs, our trial program is only valid for shipments within the United States, unless you are willing to cover the shipping costs up front.

Please – we’re a small company, so please don’t abuse our trial program! If you just need a short term loan, contact us by email and maybe we can lend you molds.

And rest assured, if you’re buying new molds, you won’t be getting molds returned by a trial user! The very few molds that get returned we normally give away to the ice cream equipment vendors who run training schools for folks new to the business, so that they can help us spread the word about Cold Molds. Purchased molds are guaranteed to be brand new, never used molds