Featured Tartufo Molds

Tartufo Molds

Create your own, gourmet ice cream tartufos with these flexible molds. With these molds you can produce high quality, jelly filled, tartufos for wholesaling to fine restaurants or for making your own shop specialty.

What is a tartufo?

“Tartufo” is Italian for truffle. The original “truffles” were created just after the French revolution by French chefs and were chocolate confections made to resemble like their prized fungi cousin in the Perigord region of France. These sweet confections were given at Christmas time as gifts. Sometime around the Victorian era is when the frozen truffle came about when the idea of molding ice creams into various shape like flowers, fruit, and other foods became popular. It has been only during recent times that ice cream “truffles” or “tartufos” have made a renaissance of sorts. Typically, in Italy, a tartufo is a vanilla ice cream ball that has a cherry and some nuts in the center. The ball is then dipped in chocolate and can be covered with nuts or chocolate shavings.

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