Pop Molds

Create your own, professional looking ice cream novelties with our flexible pop molds. We offer three sizes of pop molds. Each mold is capable of making 5 pops at a time and is perfect for chocolate covered vanilla pops, sorbet pops, gelato pops, or for your gourmet specialty. Use your imagination!

The small and medium ice cream bar molds are designed with a “slit” to accommodate a standard ice cream stick.

This slit makes it possible to make frozen treats with ice cream or liquid with only minimal leakage!

The Large ice cream bar mold was designed with a wider stick opening, enabling it to be used with the wider “bow tie” sticks or with plastic handles found on some ice cream novelties (the plastic handles are not available from Cold Molds.) The large mold is not suitable for making pops from a very liquidy filling, such as juice pops, as the liquid will leak from this larger stick opening.

Pop Mold Data Sheet