We’re always looking to fill out our product line so that we can offer the most popular sizes of molds to help you build profits. Here are our current plans for new molds we’re working on.

3″ Tall: 8″ Heart

Plans for a 8″ Heart mold are in progress, with availablity (of at least one of these sizes) sometime in 2013.

3″ Tall Quarter Sheet Pan

While we currently offer our CMC9132 mold, which is a 2″ tall quarter sheet, we’ve had people asking if we could produce a 3″ tall version. This is a possibility, but will likely not happen until sometime late in 2013 or even into 2014.

When we get around to doing this, we’re planning to make the dimensions of the new sheet slightly smaller — probably 8.25″ by 12.25″, as the current sheet is a bit tight to fit in the standard quarter sheet cake boxes without messing up any decorations on the sides.

Heart Pop Molds

We’re thinking of doing a small heart shaped pop mold that could also double as a tartufo. This would likely be a 3 oz mold, and will possibly be ready for spring of ’14.

Sweetheart Mold

And, as a special project, we’re also in development on a small “Sweetheart” mold, which we’re planning as a two-person portion — maybe 12 to 16 fluid ounces. This mold will come in a two or four cavity version, and we’re targeting it to be ready in time for Valentine’s Day, 2014.

8″ Square Pan

We’ve also had requests for an 8″ square mold, so we’ll likely start looking at producing this sometime in 2014.

If you have a strong need for any of these designs, or if you have ideas for other sizes that would be useful to you in your business, please send us an email to let us know! If you wanted to pledge-to-purchase any number of molds, you can have an effect on influencing which of these new product ideas we develop first.